About 20 years ago, before I had a real job, I worked for a family friend as he tried to start a Cobra business. I worked for him building rolling frame assemblies and helped some customers finish projects that they had started. During the six or eight months that I worked at Keystone Cobra I managed to build my first Contemporary Cobra Replica. Well the family friend that I was working for came down with cancer and soon died forcing me to find a real job. I sold the cobra and pocketed a bunch of money for about a week before I started on my next car. Well this car took about five years to build and cost much more than the first. Along the way I met many good people that provided me with some good information. I also met some real crooks that took my cash and in some cases destroyed parts that I had trusted them to restore. I will be the purpose of this site to provide any information that I have learned along the way so that others may find the way a little eaiser.


This is a Contemporary Classics Cobra replica. Contemporary is no longer in bussiness but they made one of the finest Cobra replicas ever, they were second possibly only to ERA replicas but that is a matter of opinion. It is worth noting that ERA is still in bussiness. The Contomporary was noted for having one of the thickest fiberglass bodies available and for being very true to the origional. About the only way to tell that you are looking at a replica is the vertical mounting of the radiator.


The engine that I had in the first car and the first engine in my current car were 427 Ford side oilers. I have since replaced the cast iron side oiler with a Carol Shelby aluminum block. I will cover this and other engine build tips in the Engine Section